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I thought they were better than those big facilities
I thought they were better than those big facilities with tons of addicts, since you get to live in a really beautiful, comfortable house. There were ten of us, plus the staff, so you actually got to know and trust everyone, which makes it less scary to open up.
, Greensboro Mar 30, 2011

It started to affect me
I was using for years before it started to affect me, and it actually destroyed all the things I cherished - my parents, my relationships, and even my job. If I didn’t get clean, then I'd certainly have lost everything important to me.
, Greensboro Jun 15, 2011

I finally began to look forward
Even though group work was the part I hated the most, I finally began to look forward to them. I didn’t want to share because I was humiliated and embarrassed of my behavior while I was using. After listening and having the counselors push me, I realized that everybody there was in the same boat as I was, and I shouldn't need to try getting sober alone.
, Greensboro Jun 18, 2012

You will know yourself
I definitely know rehab is worthwhile. When you leave rehab you will know yourself so significantly better than when you first arrived. Everyone, from the office staff to the advisors, at Drug Rehab Greensboro is just amazing.
, Greensboro Oct 29, 2011

Several days of detox
After several days of detox to ease my withdrawal symptoms, I started their ninety day program. Their facility focuses on recovery, what brought you to treatment, and what to do to live a clean and sober life.
, Greensboro Mar 27, 2012

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